“I’ve developed a greater insight into the way I use my body and how this has contributed to some of the pain and discomfort I experience. I find I am much kinder to myself both physically and mentally and am now in less pain.”

Barbara Braham nurse.

“Linda is an inspirational mentor who gently guides you through the philosophy and practice of the Alexander Technique. Her teaching is engaging and uplifting and the sessions are as enjoyable as they are informative.”

Dr Anne Mills M.A   F.I.P.D

“I left our lesson with a very real sense of being able to find a new, softer and more open lower back. I was pain free –  a joy!”

Hazel Vellacote Artist

“It seems miracles are possible. As I was typing later, I realised the pain had completely disappeared. Sounds too good to be true as this has been bothering me for about ten years.”

Neil S.

“I found it really useful and have noticed already when doing my Pilates practice this morning how this way of thinking improves the quality of my movement.”

Maureen E

“I am amazed at how little effort it takes to do so many things! Thank you for the gentleness and effectiveness of your teaching. Excellent course!”

Lesley  M.

“it has been enlightening to say the least! I’m very pleased to have attended the course because it has opened my eyes to things I didn’t even realise I was doing, and awareness is the first stage in enabling me to change a habit. I liked your format of reflection on the week past, theory, then practical (especially the hands on!).I found the class very relaxing, not just because of the physical release I got but also your voice & manner is very calming. I have taken the first step on a journey which will probably last my lifetime & I like the feel of it so far – empowering to be able to help myself.”  

Serena P.

“I owe a lot to my sessions with Linda Wyman! The skills she has given me have made a real difference to my wellbeing. I cannot recommend Linda’s teaching of the Alexander Technique highly enough and I particularly enjoy her thoughtful, calm approach.This work is empowering.”

Susan M.

“I have found the connection between the mind and the body incredible….( Knowing the anatomy really helps to work out what’s going on too.)”

Rosalind R.

“Your course was life changing!  Being aware of tension when it’s there has been hugely useful to me.” 

Lesley M.

“I came to the Alexander Technique with severe nerve pain running from my neck into my arms and from my low back into my right leg. My lessons with Linda have been enormously beneficial and it makes so much sense!”

Jenny S

“I very much enjoyed the format of interactive teaching The balance of theory and practical was excellent, as was the use of  diagrams, charts and quotes and hand outs

You are a great example of putting the method in to practice as you invited us to think differently about our poise. There was always an air of serenity within the class which was perfect.”

Isobel Duncan

“Since I met with you I have found a new stillness which leads to relaxation and improved connection. I am discovering my body enjoys a slower more graceful way of moving than my busy brain could ever have imagined.”

Ethel Sinclair Physiotherapist

“The philosophy behind your teaching has really interested me – The elements of relaxation and finding a more calm approach really seemed to have helped me. While I was taking your classes my blood pressure dropped (the doctors are monitoring like hawks) and it has gone up after I abandoned all these good habits during the festive season. I found it interesting that there could be a physical consequence that I am not aware of as well as a sense of well-being as a result of changing my way of thinking. (I look forward very much to the next course)”

Elizabeth Best

“I feel less self conscious – more confident and somehow  empowered.”

Jim Haddington

“It’s amazing how you just go on learning about yourself!”

Neena B.

“(Group work)Thank you so much for the excellent course we have just completed.  I loved your positive attitude – especially the way you often emphasised that our joints are ‘well oiled’ (so different from medical practitioners who love to tell us that we inevitably stiffen with age). I found your classes extremely well-structured but with plenty of room for flexibility and spontaneity.  I liked the balance of practical instruction combined with the exercises. I also thought your manner was warm and delightful.
Since starting the six-week course the pains in my neck and shoulders have gone from being ‘quite agonising’ to ‘just a bit of stiffness’. Thank you again”

Vale Benson

Some comments after Recent Alexander Workshop Days at the Mallard in Gullane

“Found the group experience exciting, Seeing myself in others movements Learning from observing others Seeing changes in people.”

“Felt the benefit, as always, from the Hand on work. Enjoyed the time for learning, tuning in to what’s going on in my body and in my thinking.”

“A sense of moving quietly and gently towards a completeness and working as one.”

“Appreciated my neck being freer In my hectic life I found Semi supine so beneficial.”

“Applying what we learned to some Tai Chi movements and seeing the application of that in everyday life.”

“Picking things up from the floor became so simple!”

“Came away with lots to think about AND felt so much more relaxed.”

Some comments from 2014 workshop students

“I realised that taking care of myself is wise and kind – not selfish”

“I will walk away realising I can help myself”

“My body thanks my head for bringing it here!”

“In a moment of release – of non-doing- something fell away”

“…this work allows me a calm, powerful space in which I can choose my own way of being.”

“Uplifting and inspirational”

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