How can it help?

Often people come to the Alexander technique in Pain – frustrated because they have tried everything else.

The skilled diagnosis and treatment of the medical profession may do a wonderful job of removing your pain. Unfortunately the effects may be short lived if you continue to use your body in an unhelpful or harmful way.

If your problem is caused by habits of unconscious muscular tension then your pain will probably return. Every time you sit, stand or bend in your habitual way you risk re-injuring your back and preventing it from healing.

                  Thinking affects movement

If the problem we have is something to do with what we are doing ourselves, and if we can find out what that is and stop doing it, then the cause of our symptoms will go away.

“First find out if something the person is doing is causing the problem and teach them to stop doing it!”

FM Alexander

Alexander students are encouraged to explore their thinking in relation to movement in a sensitive non invasive way, and to discover that how they think and react has an important and direct effect on their movement and entire well being.

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