What happens in a lesson?

With discussion and gentle manipulation I will help you discover an easier way of moving.
We will explore some of the ideas of FM Alexander and discover what may be causing your difficulties.

The hands on work can help to explain these ideas.

I will help you to discover how you can live with less tension by helping you think about how  you move, and by gently guiding your body through simple everyday movements like standing and sitting and walking.

If you chose to, we will explore more particular activities like working at a computer, playing an instrument, a sport or any activities that interest you. You will be able to apply the skills you learn to every part of your life bringing greater freedom and ease into all you do.

We may explore the practice of Semi Supine which is a lying down exercise where you learn to use your thinking to bring about a quality of relaxation and constructive rest.

No special clothing is required for lessons providing it is loose and comfortable.

Alexander students are encouraged to explore their thinking in relation to movement in a sensitive non invasive way, and to discover that how they think and react has an important and direct effect on their movement and entire well being.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in exploring contact me on 01620 842 678 or
email me on

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